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“Your direction was on the spot. My son finished Beloit (BS) and was immediately accepted with a full scholarship plus stipend to RPI and now he is a software engineer with a company in Boston and writes research programs for autonomous underwater robotics, a future use by the Navy, underwater marine and oil needs. At the same time he is an all around art lover, philosophy and all the liberal subjects you have directed him to (if you still remember). We will ever be endeared to you for your direction and guidance.”

Paula K., mother of Avi

“I think her choice is perfect for her. I am sure that she will be happy there and receive a great education. In fact, I now love Tulane myself. I was so thrilled on multiple occasions when she was admitted to so many of her choices. Wow! I think that from UT all the way to BU, Brandeis, NYU and all those in between she carefully considered what she felt best for her and the next four years. I know she was not influenced by peers or adults but made her decision with considerable thought.
To you Lindy, I thank you very much for your professional guidance and your sincerity to her. I know she respected you and valued your help during this important process.
Thank you again.”

Alec S., dad of Andrea

“We never could have found the school that you recommended without your professional help. It was a perfect match for my son. He graduated with Honors, received a Fulbright scholarship, and is currently working in Austria.”

Mr. S., father of Peter, Lewis & Clark graduate

“Thank you for all your help. We appreciate all that Lindy has done for Laura to complete this task in a timely manner. We have certainly gained a new perspective on the entire college selection process. I know Laura will land somewhere wonderful and continue growing into an exceptional person.”

Mrs. D., mother of Laura, high school senior

“I owe a lot to you and I am very grateful for your help and guidance in the college application process. You not only helped me with my résumé and college essays, but even opened my eyes to schools all over the country that I might be interested in. You know that I am ambitious but level-headed, and you really made the process of applying to 11 schools much smoother.”

Kendall, student at UCLA

“You did so much to help my son with his essay and applications. We would not have been able to offer him the precise, detailed supervision during the application process that you were able to do.”

Mrs. F., mother of Igor, Rice University graduate

“I wanted to let you know that Michael received his acceptance letter from WPI. Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled and delighted. I want to thank you for working with us and for suggesting WPI. I had never heard of the school before you mentioned it. You had said you felt if was a perfect match for Michael. Michael really seemed to connect when we visited the school. I think you hit it right on the head!”

Mrs. L., mother of Michael, high school senior

“Ryan recently visited Hendrix College for a second time and spent the night there. It was a positive experience, and he has now decided that Hendrix is the school for him. Thanks for all your help in Ryan’s college selection process. You were the first to point Ryan in the direction of Hendrix, and your tip proved to be a good one.”

Mr. C., father of Ryan, high school senior

“We heard officially that Britney has gotten into her top choice! We are all thrilled! Thank you for your kind words to the Dean and for all of your help.”

Mrs. O., mother of Britney, high school senior

Special Needs

“Thank you for linking us to Jeff and the entire staff/family of the school. We feel so comfortable that Andrew is in a safe, nurturing environment, albeit one with hefty rules, which he needs. Seems none of the students understands the need for the restrictions, it is their chief complaint!!

We had several times to spend with Andrew along with his Jr. Sponsor. He seems resigned to being there, but believes that steaming full force ahead with “getting through” the 12 steps will get him out faster, so he isn’t deeply making changes yet. He also feels that just getting his diploma by only earning the minimum credits is the way he wants to go, then hurry into Bridge… despite encouragement from us to spend the time it takes and work hard at several subjects to bring up that GPA. Plus the real job of the internal work, to which he is making steps forwards, thankfully. We will see what the counselors can do to encourage him along the academic path. Rick is connecting with Andrew as his Sponsor, good thing. Everyone on staff seems so committed to helping the students SEE what they need to work on, shaping the reality for them.

We LOVE Andrew’s therapist- she is wonderful!!!!! she has been so thoughtful, knowledgeable, point -on focused into targeting our issues and Andrew’s. She is the right fit.

We go back for our “First Family conference” on Feb 2nd. Christmas without our son will be a challenge again this year, but we know he is in the right place, earning his wings.

Mrs. J., mother of Andrew

“We believe the school you recommended is a fantastic school and we have been very impressed with their commitment and dedication to their students. I don’t know what we would have done if we had not been able to place Denis at this school. Thank you so much for finding the perfect school for our son.”

Linda O., mother of Denis

“We made the mistake of trying to pick a boarding school on our own for our son who was having trouble. We wasted a lot of money, time, and energy and our son struggled in a program that was not appropriate for him. When we finally contacted Lindy, her thorough evaluation and vast expertise got our son in the right program with the right therapist, and finally on the road to success.”

Mr. B and Ms. R., parents of Sam

“My husband and I tried to confront our son’s addiction as any other crisis. We found that the solutions we discussed brought us doubt and fear. We were too emotional, frustrated, hurt and pained to make an objective decision that would address the help our son needed urgently. A dear friend gave me Lindy’s name and number and reassured me that she was very qualified and knowledgeable about young adults in crisis and I could trust in her judgment. I admit that I was relieved to let Lindy take charge and make decisions that we could not make without second guessing ourselves. Lindy had our son in a wilderness program in less than a week. It was the right choice. Here he addressed his issues truthfully and was clinically assessed. Three and a half months later our son entered another program recommended by Lindy, where he learned to be a responsible young man, capable and in possession of life skills that will aid him in his life and with his sobriety in adulthood. One and a half years later our son has left this program and is presently working at the wilderness program where he started the journey that redefined his life and values.

Lindy profiled our son well and sent him on this journey to be mentored by guides at each program who helped our son to become strong, focused and committed to his new lifestyle and sobriety and engaged in a positive and productive life for the future. He is once again worthy of our trust and we have hope for his future. We believe he has the skills now to help him maintain a balanced and healthy life. We thank Lindy for her insight and knowledge of treatment programs that fit individual needs. Thanks to her guidance, today we have a healthy relationship with our son who is committed to our family and foremost to himself.”

Mr. and Mrs. M., parents of Erik

“This time last year, Ben had just arrived at his Wilderness Program, and was in a terrible state of mind (and body). I am so happy to tell you that, right now, he is doing so much better. He is still in his apartment at the Independent Living Program, and a few weeks ago he passed his national certification for personal trainers. He came home for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful visit with him. He seems to be a different person – more like the Ben we used to know.

This is all leading up to me wanting to truly thank you – I really believe that you recommended the best wilderness program in the country, and that this was the best option for Ben in his time of crisis. I believe it literally saved his life. It was you who so quickly recommended this program and told us how to expedite getting him out of that terrible place, the hospital, and on his way to Utah, and for that we will be forever grateful. I would never have believed this time last year that he would be doing so well a year later.

Thank you again Lindy. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the help you gave us.”

Mr. and Mrs. K., parents of Ben

“The problem with the English Language is that words do not adequately express appreciation. Japanese is a little better because you can convey in Japanese the deepest and most appreciative thanks by saying “domo arigato gozaimasu,” which means great thanks. But, English just does not seem adequate, or I am not articulate enough, to covey to you the deep thanks that Johnathan’s grandparents, Aunt Peggy and I feel to you for what you have done in helping us find a school for Johnathan.

From me, I simply can say thank you from the bottom of my heart; but, it seems so inadequate. But as I think about it, I am thanking you for the wrong thing. It is not for placing a child in school that I owe you thanks. It is for taking a child that God put in my life and finding a school to help save his. And with those facts, the words thank you take on a new and different meaning, and it is that degree of appreciation that one hears in Joy’s voice or Aunt Peggy’s thanks that I hope I am trying to express in this simple e-mail.”

Mr. G., mentor to Johnathan

“Ours is a success story thanks to you! Our son, Clint, was in very serious trouble during his junior year in high school. And, our family was in a crisis situation. We were desperate to help him and had tried every conventional means, or so we thought. Thanks to your knowledge and clear understanding of what we needed to do, we were able to navigate through the storm. We were concerned that we had waited too long and that he was too old to be accepted into an adolescent treatment program. But, because of your expertise and excellent reputation, the emotional growth boarding school you chose for Clint accepted him immediately. We realize now that we would never have gotten him into this excellent facility without your recommendation.

Clint has grown into the most wonderful, self-confident, loving and happy young man. He’s a delight to be around and he’s excited about his future. Clint loves to tell people that that he’s a miracle. He believes that Lindy Kahn helped save his life, and we agree! Thanks for everything.”

Mr. & Mrs. W., parents of Clint

“I owe Lindy a huge thank you for helping with Eli. I don’t think parents faced with a child in crisis can successfully navigate the therapy options without someone with the skills and knowledge that Lindy offers. We struggled for nine months with therapists, testing, and medication adjustments until talking with Lindy. In just a few days she had our son on the path to reclaiming his life.”

Mr. & Mrs. G., parents of Eli

“Last year, when our daughter was troubled, truant, unmotivated and involved with drugs, we knew we had to act, but did not know how best to respond. We were investigating boarding schools, local schools, treatment centers and other options. The amount of information is overwhelming and we did not want to waste money on something which might not be effective. In searching the internet one Saturday, we came across a web site referencing Educational Consultants. However, we chose to work with Lindy Kahn because she gave us the most positive feeling, was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. She provided choices in so far as escort services, wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools. It made us feel comfortable to realize that Lindy knew the facilities which she recommended, knew personnel and settings and had personal contact with the parties. She gave us several choices each step of the way. We stopped feeling overwhelmed and started feeling empowered and hopeful for our daughter. She is doing much better and moving on with her life. Thank you Lindy, for all your help!”

Mr. & Mrs. B., parents of Caitlin

“During a period of several months when my 12 year old son was experiencing severe behavioral and emotional problems you provided clear, concise direction which we desperately needed at the time. We were receiving contradictory information from the mental health professionals and we were struggling to make the correct choices in treatment for our child. I truly believe that without your guidance my family would not be intact today.”

Dr. and Mrs. M., parents of Michael
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