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Can a student gain college credit while at a post-secondary program?

If a student is prepared for college-level coursework, it is often possible for them to enroll in one or more classes while in a program. An added benefit is that many programs offer extensive individual tutoring.

Will a student be able to gain work or volunteer experience?

Once a student settles in, most programs will encourage them to live up to their full potential by participating in outside activities such as working, volunteering, or learning a vocational skill.

What are the living arrangements?

Various living arrangements are available through different programs. Because the goal of many programs is to foster independent living skills, often students will live in an apartment setting. However, for students not yet ready for this stype of setting, many programs offer more structured living arrangements.

Is financial aid available?

Depending on the type of program a student is enrolled in, financial aid may be available to cover program costs. Each program should have a staff member deisgnated to handle these concerns.

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