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Special Needs

Are therapeutic programs worth the cost?

Special purpose schools and programs are very expensive. Ms. Kahn, as an experienced and competent professional, can increase the odds that the first choice of a school or program will be the “right” choice, helping to avoid additional failures for the child. Being able to reduce the possibility of losing time and money, as a result of an inappropriate placement, is crucial.

Why can’t I just use the Internet?

Although you will find a large amount of information on the Internet, it can be overwhelming and confusing. It is important for a child to be placed in a school or program that meets their specific needs. To make a good match between a student and a school, one must see them in operation. Ms. Kahn makes a comprehensive study of each school through personal visits so she can recommend them to parents.

Are scholarships or financial aid available for therapeutic programs?

Most programs do not have scholarship help available; therefore, costs are usually an out of pocket expense for the parent. However, educational loans and other methods of creative financing can be used to fund the cost of these schools.

What if I wait to send my child away?

Trends in adolescent substance abuse show teenagers do not “outgrow” chemical addiction problems and without treatment, addiction increases. Additionally, once a student falls behind, it is often difficult to catch up and be successful. Compromised self-esteem may lead to even more serious behavioral issues, which may limit options, especially as the child moves toward the legal age of adulthood.

Are results long-lasting?

Ms. Kahn’s experience with her clients has shown that families become reunited after their child has spent the requisite time in a therapeutic or emotional growth program. More open and honest communication occurs and as a result, her clients achieve success both in school and in their personal lives. They are able to transition to either a public or private school once they return home or choose to go on to college.

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