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Home Based/Family Style Programs

Through spiritual, emotional, and physical training, these programs teach teens how to be accountable, respectful, and productive in all the areas of their life.

  • Integration into “family life” is a key component.
  • Programs are often situated in rural areas (farm or ranch).
  • Individual and group therapy is provided; oftentimes equine therapy is a focus.
  • Some offer home schooling, but most integrate the participants into the local public or private schools in the area.
  • Volunteer work is often integrated into the curriculum.
  • School sports and activities are encouraged.
  • Substance abuse counseling and 12-step meetings are often a part of the process.

The typical stay is approximately 12 months, usually serving up to 24 to 30 students.

Costs range from $7,000 to $12,000 per month.

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