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Local Day Schools

stmarksThere are a number of reasons that parents find themselves needing to make a change in their child’s existing school. Some of these include:

  • The academic or social environment for their child is not a good match
  • The specialized learning needs of that child are not being met by their present school
  • Additional academic challenges are desired
  • Geographic changes, either from out of state or from one part of town to another, necessitate guidance to determine the best match

stjohnsWhen families make the choice to find a new school, they often find themselves overwhelmed with decisions. With so many options and factors to consider, the process can become complicated, thereby, families can feel apprehensive about making the right choice. A consultant can become a valuable ally in easing this pressure and helping to ensure a good fit for your child.

With her years of experience as an educational consultant in the Houston area, Lindy Kahn has extensive knowledge of the local private school system. She keeps in regular contact with local private school faculty and staff and visits schools frequently, which provides her with unique insight on which schools would be the best fit for a given student.

kinkaidOur company is not affiliated with or sponsored by any schools. We offer completely unbiased advice and recommendations based on independent judgement and years of professional experience. Our consultation services take into account each student’s individual needs and background and all recommendations are made with the best interests of the student in mind.

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